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Where can we find a connection between the two worlds in which we live – the world of determination (digits, reasoning), and the world inside (unexplored, full of Eros, frightening)? How can we explore this without losing sanity? Ariadna guides you through the labyrinths in which modern people roam: gender, body and its objectification, mundanity and mystical feeling. Dip into the primordial, to ancient mysteries and archetypical images, whilst experiencing the very moment of contemporaneity. In the liminal space of the show a new world is being constructed - a one-of-a-kind, never to be recreated.

'Very much what one expects from the fantastic Poslesov' Rating 40/50
‘Highly recommended and a Hidden Gem!’
C aquila
C aquila (studio) venue 21 Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace
3-25 Aug (not 12, not 17-22) at 11:55 (0hr50)
Tickets £10.50-£12.50 / concessions £8.50-£10.50
Recommended 16+

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