Shed Therapy: Pencil Factory
Shed Therapy: Pencil Factory
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See how the pole lathe, shave horse, froe and drawknife convert fresh-felled Scottish timber into fun and things you can use like rolling pins, bowls, spoons, whistles and tent-pegs. Whittle, carve and turn wood using amazingly effective but simple and satisfying methods. Have-a-go yourself, or just watch. And if the future leaves us short of money or fossil fuel, you may be really glad to know how local resources can be used to make things you and others need. Suitable for both adult and supervised-child participation. Apprentices (minimum age 11 years) engaged by the day, depending on enthusiasm and aptitude. (There is a small COST for each item made).

C south
C south (terrace) venue 58 St Peter's, Lutton Place, EH8 9PE
6 & 7 Aug from 10:30 (7hr00)
Free unticketed