Lisa-Skye Goodes and Simon Chugg
This show has now finished

What gives you a Ladyboner? Or Man-Ladyboner? Australia's favourite weirdo sparklepuppy Lisa-Skye talks pleasure, sublime to creepy. Mostly creepy - Jesus, don't bring the children. A glittery drag queen trapped inside a goth girl's body. A metronome. Stories. This is not a drill. Get terrified and hard. Cult comedy for discerning short attention spans. 'Amazing' (Pun) 'Extremely funny... a striking and original voice in comedy' ( 'Lisa-Skye will have you in stitches... Ladyboner is not to be missed' ( 'A dynamo on stage' ( 'Wickedly funny walk on the wild side' ★★★★ (Herald Sun).

C nova
C nova (studio 5) venue 145
31 Jul-26 Aug (not 12) at 16:50 (1hr00)
Tickets £8.50-£10.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50
(recommended 16+)