Densetsu (Legend)
Susumu Akiyama
Densetsu (Legend)
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Japanese seniors aged 50-plus make up this endearing troupe of players. Their first appearance in Europe parodies Cinderella, Swan Lake, and ancient Samurai myths. Featuring music from the Beatles, ballet, and traditional Japanese Geisha and Ninja. A surreal romp which just might take you by surprise! 'What the **** is this? Resist as I might, I got hooked, and found myself clapping along with the crowd. The more they try, the funnier it gets. Like watching my mom perform. Tears and laughter galore' (Kyoto Theatre Festival).

C (+3) venue 34
25-26 Aug at 15:55 (1hr00)
Tickets £10.50 / concessions £8.50 / children £6.50
(suitable for all ages)