The Blue Bird
after Maurice Maeterlinck
The Blue Bird
This show has now finished

Follow Tytyl and Mytyl as they embark on an adventure in search of their grandparents and the Blue Bird of happiness. A heartwarming and dynamic new Broadway-style musical based on Maeterlinck's classic story. Performed by a talented young cast and award-winning professionals from Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, China. Celebrates the power of love and the small things in life. With evocative visuals and powerful original compositions, the production is the perfect blend of East and West.

C south
C south (main theatre) venue 58 St Peter's, Lutton Place, EH8 9PE
3-5 Aug at 11:45 (0hr50)
Tickets £11.50 / concessions £9.50 / under 18s £7.50
recommended for ages 3+