Science Ceilidh
Science Ceilidh
This show has now finished

A award-winning educational project adapting Scottish dances to explain science concepts by working with researchers, community groups and schools through events, workshops and resources. From the Dashing White Blood Cell to Fluorescent Flings and Orcadian Strip the Helixes, the Science Ceilidh Band (comprised of both scientists and musicians) have had over 10,000 people in folk and science festivals across the UK and beyond up and ceilidh-ing with their high-energy performances creatively exploring neuroscience, chemistry and space. Science Ceilidh is for everyone, regardless of science (or dancing!) experience, so come along and give it a whirl!

C scala
C scala (theatre) venue 166 Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge, St Stephen Street, EH3 5AB
12 Aug at 18:00 (2hr30)
Tickets £2.00