Jack Harrison
This show has now finished

Absurdist new writing from exploring morality, reality and mortality through rapid dialogue and vivid storytelling. Halteg cannot feel; he can only think. Etranger cannot think; he can only feel. During an empty space in time, with the pending arrival of a cargo balloon, the two become tangled in a web of philosophical questions. Later, the elusive Ansteg reveals more sinister motives at play. What is the nature of Halteg and Etranger's relationship? Are Halteg and Ansteg in league? Will Etranger ever manage to escape? 'Remember the name Aireborne Theatre - go along and see whatever they put on' ★★★★ (Scotsman).

C nova
C nova (studio 1) venue 145
31 Jul-26 Aug (even dates only) at 13:10 (0hr55)
Tickets £7.50-£9.50 / concessions £5.50-£7.50
(recommended PG)