Lucille and Cecilia
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Lucille and Cecilia
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You'll arf, you'll cry as you dive into a day in the life of Lucille & Cecilia, a pair of performing sea lions attempting to escape the confines of the circus. One is desperate to get out, sick of her monotonous existence. The other is blinded by the ecstasy of her surroundings; buckets of fish on tap and daily cool down massages. Physical comedy, unexpected barking and balancing a ball on the end of your nose all come into focus in this flippin' good show.

Physical comedy at its finest Rating 40/50
C aquila
C aquila (studio) venue 21
2-27 Aug (not 14) at 17:25 (0hr50)
Tickets £7.50-£9.50 / concessions £5.50-£7.50 / children £3.50-£5.50
Recommended 14+

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