by Romina Soriano and Luciana Turegano
This show has now finished

Reflecting the presence of imagery in the modern world, GIF draws parallels between animation and real life. Highlighting the nature of repetition in digital imagery, this refreshing short dance piece uses the elements that belong to power of rhythm, repeat, loopback and reverse action. GIF has been performed across Mexico and Central America, achieving an Honorific Mention Award at 4X4TJNIGHT, Tijuana, Mexico. Part of a project devised by independent female Mexican artists who have been creating work in an environment where support for the arts can be unstable and sporadic, to offer audiences the opportunity to connect to themselves through art.

C too
C too (main house) venue 4 St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace, EH1 2PW
12-27 Aug at 12:55 (0hr15)
Tickets £3.50-£5.50 / concessions £2.50-£4.50 / children
Recommended 3+

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