Doom's Day
by Alex Hartley
Doom's Day
This show has now finished

2017: Medford, New Jersey. Joseph and Phyliss Doom are in love. And their love will last to the end of the world. But that might not be very long – not if their own predictions come true. Because something bad, they say, is going to happen. Soon. When the day finally arrives, it forces them to answer the question: How would you live and love if the world was ending? Doom's day is inspired by a set of interviews with real people. By turns heartwarming and hilarious, it's a multimedia romp for apocalyptic times.

Profound, heartbreaking and soul-building Rating 50/50
Excellent suspense throughout Rating 40/50
Humanising... uplifting, affective piece of theatre Rating 40/50
An innovative attempt at an onstage documentary
C south
C south (main theatre) venue 58 St Peter's, Lutton Place, EH8 9PE
2-27 Aug (not 14) at 16:30 (1hr00)
Tickets £8.50-£10.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50 / children £4.50-£6.50
Recommended 12+

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