by Morgan Sweeney
This show has now finished

A play in ten short scenes. Henry and Kate are on holiday in a cottage on the Firth of Lorn. Henry is a poet. He has come here hoping to save his marriage. But, each time he tries, he is relocated, by the power of physics, from one parallel universe to another, always looking for the one where his wife still loves and cares for him and won't eventually, leave. Someone has made Henry into Schrödinger's Cat and the house into Schrödinger's Box. And he's not just simultaneously alive and dead but – everything in between as well.

C aquila
C aquila (studio) venue 21
12-18 Aug at 12:00 (1hr00)
Tickets £7.50-£9.50 / concessions £5.50-£7.50 / children £3.50-£5.50
Recommended 14+

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