Fringe Marketplace

In 2020, a year with no physical Edinburgh Festival Fringe, C took part in Fringe Marketplace and Fringe Exchange, events to connect arts industry professionals from around the world looking for shows with companies who we were planning to programme.

Our curated marketplace selection includes the following work:

Andréane Leclerc – Nadère arts vivants – Di(x)parue
Andréane Leclerc – Nadère arts vivants

Dance/Performance Art

Di(x)parue is a moment lived between an audience and a woman, her body becoming the limit between both of their subjectivity: a distorted and abstract reflection of their encounter. In tension, in the in-between space, the performer listens and follows a path that is traced in search of the rightness of the present moment based on the interpretation of the birth of a dead foetus. She lives at and within the limit and builds, every evening, a silent physical dialogue. This site-specific performance questions the present, where the future has already passed; and the past, marking our future.

Aylin Eleonora Flamencodanza – Vivir: Flamenco Guitar & Dance
Aylin Eleonora Flamencodanza
Vivir: Flamenco Guitar & Dance


A fresh and beautiful interpretation of the ancient art of Flamenco, Vivir is a powerful guitar and dance performance from Aylin Eleonora and Raul Mannola. Singing is typically a central element of Flamenco, however Vivir breaks with this tradition by focussing solely on the dance and instrumental aspects. The result is a refined and intense showcase of traditional Flamenco styles blended with contemporary flavours. Feel the power and poetry of Flamenco in this show that stands out for its quality and elegance. ‘Hugely impressive’ (Wee Review). ‘Unbelievable precision, speed, incarnation and materialisation of ancient secrets’ ★★★★★ (Riccardo Barone,

Baal – Ginoide

Dance/Physical Theatre/Visual
Balearic Islands/Spain

Nana is a robot with a female resemblance, designed mainly for sexual purposes, built following the stereotyped canons that objectify women. In a global neoliberal society where personal relations are a privilege, consumption sets the rules that our bodies, real or fake, have to obey. Ginoide’s futuristic and filmic aesthetics are inspired by series and films such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, Ex-Machina and Blade Runner. The relationship between Nana and her owner Augustin will make us think about sentimental as well as sexual relationships. Where is humanity heading to? What will happen to the reproduction of our species?

bambule.babys – Baby Paradise
Baby Paradise

Physical Theatre/Performance Art

Power? Sex? Control? In this anti-peepshow nothing is safe or pretty. Meet Baby Paradise, the prostitute. She is willing to entertain her customers with Barbie dolls. In a highly intimate experience, the audience is invited to a morally corrupt Daddy-Land. The interactive performance art installation interweaves trauma and taboo, a fetishised Barbie aesthetic and feminism. It is inspired by performance artist Anna Valeska Pohl's former relationship with a transgender sex worker. A bizarre trip into desire and oppression. ‘A dark comedy-tragedy about the way women’s bodies are viewed and used’ ★★★★ (Scotsman). ‘A must-see show’ ★★★★★ (Guardian).

Beznei with Hekatômbe – Inmanenete: the Last Supper/formance
Beznei with Hekatômbe
Inmanenete: the Last Supper/formance

Dance/Physical Theatre/Contemporary

In a place that has lost its time, five unguided apostles try to remember the reason for their meeting. Searching for lost teachings, they try to rediscover what inhabits their essence: the immanent. The atmosphere is composed of sights that can hide conceits or mistruths, of games that can be playful or aggressive. The apostles will stand together without knowing why, until the last drop of the last wine at the last supper. Mexican company Beznei’s new dance theatre production is a piece for troubled times.

Circonciente – Risas de Papel
Risas de Papel

Physical Theatre/Circus/Clown

Button is a homeless man living in an alleyway surrounded by cardboard boxes and items rescued from the bin: other people’s waste become his treasures. Without the use of words, and joined by his sidekick Chawana, a sprouting seedling, he shares the absurdity of current consumerism – specially the waste problem and the rampant over-development of cities in expense of nature – while also reflecting upon the importance of live relationships. An interdisciplinary play, co-produced by eleven artists from Mexico and Chile that fused clown, gestural theatre and live illustration together in a show of our times for family audiences of all ages.

Coloradas – Del Pla
Del Pla

Children's/Physical Theatre/Visual
Balearic Islands/Spain

A multidisciplinary visual theatre piece for all ages, based on the words of Mallorcan poet Maria-Antònia Salvà, considered the first modern poet and the first female poet in the Catalan language, who used language to recreate the island landscape. A traveller jouneys through varied landscapes on a voyage of discovery for all the family. The piece fuses dance, original live music, live drawing, video art, paper art, pop-up, light, projection and shadow puppetry to create a magical environment. Without using any words, this play talks about the isolations rought by technology and the human necessity to appreciate nature.

Dipti Mehta – Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan
Dipti Mehta
Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan


Memoirs of Geisha meets Slumdog Millionaire in this vibrant award-winning coming-of-age story set in the red-light districts of Mumbai. With original music, the colours of India and a riveting story that is sure to remind you of Bollywood, Honour is a true experience of India and its magnanimous culture. The piece deals with a mother-daughter duo, and examines facets of inter-generational prostitution and why it exists. It also addresses important issues of sex trafficking and human rights. ‘Beautiful and devastating’ ★★★★★ (Time Out NYC). ‘Funny, sad, educational, and fiery, valuable example of theatre with social conscience’ (Ashley Judd).


Balearic Islands/Spain

Donallop are the Majorcan duo Pere Bestard and Joana Pol, who also perform as a trio with drummer Josep Servera. Donallop recently released their third album, Crisálide (Chrysalis) published by Catalan label Satélite K and produced by legendary indie producer Paco Loco. Their music fuses pop minimalism and poetic prose, and explores the textures of trap, the rhythms of house and the beat of slowcore. Their songs speak of contemporary issues such as isolation, detention and courage, in the social and political context of modern feminist, anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist and environmental movements. ‘Compositional inspiration’ (El Temps). ‘Undeniably beautiful’ (Mondo Sonoro).

Dos.Trenzas with Hekatômbe – GIF
Dos.Trenzas with Hekatômbe

Dance/Physical Theatre/Contemporary

Reflecting the presence of imagery in the modern world, GIF draws parallels between animation and real life. Highlighting the nature of repetition in digital imagery, this refreshing short dance piece uses the elements that belong to power of rhythm, repeat, loopback and reverse action. Has been performed across Mexico and Central America, achieving an Honorific Mention Award at 4X4TJNIGHT, Tijuana. Part of a project devised by independent female Mexican artists who have been creating work in an environment where support for the arts can be unstable and sporadic, to offer audiences the opportunity to connect to themselves through art.

Freefall Dance Company – NOunderstanding
Freefall Dance Company


Performance is a metaphor and allegory of the world we live in, of interconnections, but also of incommunicability. We live in the age of global communication, but it has never been so difficult to be understood. We listen to respond, not to understand. In empathic listening, the situation is reversed: the ears are used, but also the eyes, and the heart: the language of the body. We find the silence within us, which allows us to perceive without distortion, and to truly understand the heart with our eyes and ears.

Giacomo di Tollo – Opera Session
Giacomo di Tollo
Opera Session


Giacomo di Tollo is a paean to both nineteenth-century Italian opera and the glorious romantic tradition of piano transcription and virtuosity that grew up simultaneously with the technological advancements in piano construction across the century. His choice of repertoir, intrigues and delights in its insistence on broadening and deepening our listening enjoyment of a nearly-lost yet proud art form ‘Perfect technique’ ★★★★★ (Heilbronner Stimme). ‘Solid and refined pianist’ ★★★★★ (Gazzetta Regionale). ‘Like falling in love with classical music? Simple: just start by listening to Giacomo di Tollo's music and let yourself be carried away’ ★★★★★ (L’Aurora).

Knalltheater Leipzig – Django – A Cartoon Western
Knalltheater Leipzig
Django – A Cartoon Western

Physical Theatre/Circus/Comedy

Western hero Django returns to his hometown. He wants revenge – on whom, he doesn't yet know. But since every good Western hero has to take revenge somehow, Django will also get revenge. This solo noise pantomime without words races from one spectacle to another with wild shootings and absurd grotesque fist duels. It contains important scenes from Sergio Corbucci's film of the same name from 1966. ‘It is simply brilliant and highly professional how Sechert changes characters in a matter of seconds without getting tangled, how he gives them physiognomic uniqueness. 60 minutes of sparkling slapstick’ (Mark Daniel, Leipziger Volkszeitung).

Little Dove Theatre Art – Evangeline
Little Dove Theatre Art

Dance/Physical Theatre/Butoh

All-female, partially-interactive ensemble movement piece. ‘Confronting, cathartic and sublime, Evangeline explores grief and healing as a public, collective act… ( ‘Little Dove Theatre Art confirms its place as one of the foremost exponents of Butoh’ Sydney Morning Herald. ‘A writer and director of true theatrical instincts’ Canberra Times. ‘The most powerful and compelling theatre I have ever experienced’ (Barefoot Review). Acclaimed multi-award winning company: ‘The hardest-hitting physical theatre I've seen’ Scotland on Sunday. ‘Life affirming’ (Scotsman). ‘Sends dramatic conventions into free fall’ ★★★★★ (Herald, Scotland). ‘The best show I've ever seen’ ★★★★★ (Guardian). ‘A beautiful concept... pure talent’ ★★★★★ (List).

Luke Townson – Green Tea
Luke Townson
Green Tea

Theatre/Literary Classics

A psychological thriller, adapted by Luke Townson from Sheridan Le Fanu’s nineteenth-century tale. When an evil spirit torments the good Reverend Mr Jennings, he turns to self-proclaimed philosophic physician, Dr Martin Hesselius, for help. The doctor applies his theories and those of mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, to extract the influences that have fastened themselves upon the Reverend. Swedenborg believed that we have with us two evil spirits, whose ultimate goal is to destroy us. In this story, there is only one demon spirit, who haunts the Reverend day and night. Can the doctor save this man of God in time?

Milton Rodríguez Project
Milton Rodríguez Project
Milton Rodríguez Project


What happens when different styles of music are fused into one? This project is focused on the fusion of Brazilian rhythms and a vision of jazz contemporary compositions, using harmony and melody as a starting point. Also includes original arrangements of Brazilian standards. The result of this musical proposal is a landscape that evokes different sounds and colours that create different sensations in the listeners. The repertoire is original, composed by Spanish guitarist Milton Rodríguez. He has developed an intense musical activity performing at jazz festivals including International Jazz Festival of Madrid and Heineken Jazz Festival of San Sebastián.

Misanthrope Theatre – Goliath
Misanthrope Theatre

Physical Theatre/Contemporary

A story about a tragedy of a person who obeys the order of the authorities and meets his own death. A story about the senselessness and absurdity of war. A philosophical reflection on politics, and its consequences on the example of an individual. Inspired by British author Tom Gauld’s minimalist graphic novel re-imagining the Goliath story, Misanthrope Theatre’s non-verbal performances creates a landscape of projected text, music, movement light and graphics, in which the auditorium and stage space become one. The visual and poetic component of the performance emphasises the sad, fatalistic and harrowing aesthetic of the tale.

MOC platform with Hekatômbe – Editable à la Carte
MOC platform with Hekatômbe
Editable à la Carte


‘But certainly for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, fancy to reality, the appearance to the essence… for in these days illusion only is sacred; truth profane. Nay, sacredness is held to be enhanced in proportion as truth decreases and illusion increases, so that the highest degree of illusion comes to be the highest degree of sacredness’ (The Essence of Christianity, Feurbach, 1841). Editable à la Carte is a fast-moving contemporary dance piece which examines the complexity of human relationships within a system containing empty connections, empowered by manipulation.

Mohadoha – Being Brown is My Superpower
Being Brown is My Superpower


Featuring acerbic wit and unflinching humour, Being Brown is my Superpower looks at what it means to be brown, female, and alive in this supposed post-racial era. Mohana shares the most awkward, most unbelievable moments of growing up. Teachers, boyfriends, parents teach her important lessons about brown-ness. Distilled from years of doing standup – and biting her tongue during interactions with the clueless. Audiences laugh all the way at how, despite it all, Mohana became novelist, professor, wife and mother. Celebrate how far white people have come, from making fun of school lunches to asking how to make curry.

Neil O'Shea – An Evening with Great Irish Writers
Neil O'Shea
An Evening with Great Irish Writers

Theatre/Literary Classics

Ireland has produced some of the greatest writers in the English language, and this show is a celebration of them. O’Shea performs extracts from Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, WB Yeats, JM Synge, Percy French, James Joyce and more. The show is full of humour and insight. Neil creates many different characters, making them really come to life, showing us the remarkable creativity of these great writers. ‘Easy versatility drives this adroitly edited Gaelic sampler… a testament to O’Shea’s unassuming expertise’ (Los Angeles Times). ‘O’Shea is enraptured by the characters… Recommended’ (MetroLA). ‘A superior salon piece’ (Irish Times).

Positive Poetry – Janey McLeod-White – Twenty Something
Positive Poetry – Janey McLeod-White
Twenty Something

Spoken Word/Poetry/Contemporary

Powerful performance poetry injected with stand-up. Emotive poetry, witty comedy, colourful projections and sound weave the piece together with lots of laughter in this multimedia one-woman show. Janey takes us on the journey of a struggle to which we can all relate: figuring out life in our twenties. Through her words Janey paints a picture full of risk, courage, humour, and ultimately a renewed sense of hope. ‘Here is surely a performance poet who may be able to help others believe that they do not have to cope on their own in times of darkness’ ★★★★ (Petra Schofield, Theatre Bath).

RoguePlay Theatre – Sleepless
RoguePlay Theatre

Physical Theatre/Circus/Acrobatics

Join a new mother for breastfeeding on the bus, teething troubles, first nights out and the unending battle with isolation. Sleepless is a genuinely candid autobiographical solo show tackling maternal mental health head on. A physical and spoken word theatre piece using aerial silk, Sleepless finds humour in the chaos of the exerting intricacies of first-time parenthood. Exploring sleep deprivation and emotional stress, experience the overwhelming joys and struggles of modern parenthood, and the glorious moments that make them fade into the background. ‘An unforgettable display of breathtaking aerial stunts and emotion-invoking theatrics’ (Rico Johnson Sinclair, SHOUT Festival).

Siren Theatre Co – HMS Pinafore
Siren Theatre Co
HMS Pinafore

Musical Theatre/Operetta

Set sail on the high seas with this gender-bending, hyper-theatrical reimagining of the G&S classic. Who, among equals, is the most equal? Can love can level the ranks? Gilbert & Sullivan are the undisputed masters of comic operetta and the proud parents of the modern musical. HMS Pinafore pokes unashamed fun at society’s obsession with status, patriotism, party politics, and the over-promotion of the unqualified. Siren Theatre Co reclaim this piece, test its boundaries and have a shipload of fun. There are sequins, tutus, flags, and a moustache or two! It’s as camp as Christmas – without changing a word!

Slaz Productions – A Night With Vodka: A Russian Guide to Becoming a Real Housewife and Making It in America
Slaz Productions
A Night With Vodka: A Russian Guide to Becoming a Real Housewife and Making It in America

Cabaret/Musical Theatre/Satire

Natasha emigrates from Siberia to the US with her son, Robert. Arriving in NYC, she seeks to become a real housewife/reality tv and cabaret star. Over the course of one night, she puts on a cabaret show with the hope of summoning Bravo TV host Andy Cohen in the hopes that he’ll make her dream come true. While this show is hilarious, it also explores the expectations that parents put on their queer children, expectations that immigrants have of the United States and the dichotomy between cabaret and theatre performance. ‘Hilarity like sitcom, “heart like platypus”’ (Fordham Observer).

That Acrobat You Met – James Kingsford-Smith – You
That Acrobat You Met – James Kingsford-Smith

Physical Theatre/Circus

An acrobatic, one-man tour-de-force from an ex-Cirque du Soleil lead artist. You seduces and surprises in a delicate dance between the hilarious, the spectacular and thought-provoking. Presented in the format of a TedTalk on steroids, You is about climate change, unanimous action and all the things we have in common. Using techniques honed during decades of working with the top circus companies in the world, James brings a show which not only challenges one’s perception of what is possible with the human body, but also the dexterity of the mind. 'Mesmerising, heart-stopping... true talent' ★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser.

Tshock Cultura Emocional - Magallanes.0
Tshock Cultura Emocional

Balearic Islands/Spain

500 years ago Fernando de Magallanes set off to circumnavigate the globe. He succumbed to a poisoned arrow, but his expedition was successful. This historical science-fiction play explores the first round-the-world voyage and Ferdinand Magellan’s relationship with church, state, his successor Juan Sebastián Elcano, and indigenous people from five continents. During a half-millennium of confinement, Magellan strikes up dialogues with Shakespeare, stars and stones in his efforts to stay sane. He journeys from human evolution to the present day, forcing us to ask ourselves exactly what the first circumnavigation of the earth has brought to us, five hundred years later.

Magallanes.0 Live-streamed performance Friday 28 August 19:30 UK Time (BST)/20:30 Spanish time (CET) – more information here

Watershed Productions – Letter to Boddah
Watershed Productions
Letter to Boddah


In the disabled toilet in Tesco, we meet Billy and Neil. Dressed in combats and carrying enough explosives to blow the place sky high, they examine life and attempt to decide whether violence is sometimes the only way to be heard. With a title inspired by Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, this is a darkly comic exploration of the lives of young, working class men in austerity Britain. Vividly exploring boys’ relationships with their dads, toxic masculinity, and our attitudes to terrorism. Winner of the Broadway Baby Bobby Award for Best Theatre Show at the Fringe 2019.

We look forward to some of this work being in our live performance programme in at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021.

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