Two of a Kind
by Mimi Monteith
Two of a Kind
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One boy. One girl. No, they do not fall in love. Why? Because not everybody does, some people can just be, I mean, it doesn't have to be… Oh god. Why am I talking to someone when I don't even know if they're there? How bad is it before it's too bad? How can we know when someone's in trouble? Let's not talk about it. I can't. Chlamydia. She totally caught Chlamydia from Fatty Finlay. Oh my God I'm trying to get on with this, stop talking about PPI and condoms! But did you hear?

C aquila
C aquila (studio) venue 21 Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace
1-26 Aug at 14:35 (0hr55)
Tickets £8.50-£10.50 / concessions £6.50-£8.50 / under 18s £4.50-£6.50
Recommended 14+