Letter to Boddah
by Sarah Nelson
Letter to Boddah
This show has now finished

In the disabled toilet in Tesco we meet Billy and Neil. Wearing combats and carrying enough explosives to blow the place sky high, they examine life and attempt to decide whether extreme violence is the only way to be heard. A darkly comic exploration of life in abandoned Tory Britain. With a title inspired by Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, this is an unsettling and very, very dark comedy that explores how two seemingly ordinary people can be pushed to shocking extremes without even realising it.

If Shakespeare was alive this would be his play
The Derek Awards
Rating 50/50
An outstanding piece of work that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible Rating 50/50
A powerful script and two gut-wrenching performances... a masterclass in tension Rating 50/50
Gritty, chilling drama spiced with a shot of black comedy Rating 50/50
Tense and well-observed Rating 45/50
A clever and funny piece of writing Rating 40/50
C cubed
C cubed (main space) venue 50 Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket, EH1 2PS
1-26 Aug (not 13) at 13:15 (1hr00)
Tickets £10.50-£12.50 / concessions £8.50-£10.50 / under 18s £6.50-£8.50
Recommended 14+