Soweto Spiritual Singers: The African Experience
Soweto Spiritual Singers: The African Experience
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These singers know how to dazzle and excite their audience. Pitch perfect songs in a variety of tones and paces unfold, each as pleasing as the previous. Energetic, playful soloists relay one another with professionalism and unwavering confidence. The show is pure spectacle, indulging in numerous pleasing costume changes – from the elegant, to the shimmering, to the colourful. On top of this is the fact that the singers are talented dancers, delighting the audience with a South African style dance-off featuring high kicks, jumps, rolls and the splits. ★★★★

C scala
C scala (great hall) venue 166 Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge, St Stephen Street, EH3 5AB
3-29 Aug at 16:45 (0hr55)
Tickets £13.50-£15.50 / concessions £11.50-£13.50 / children £9.50-£11.50
Suitable for all ages