The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare
The Comedy of Errors
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Take one pair of estranged twin brothers (both called Antipholus), one pair of estranged twin servants (both called Dromio) and keep them in ignorance of each other. Throw them into a city with a reputation for sorcery and you have all the ingredients for theatrical chaos. One Antipholus is accused of being mad whilst the other Antipholus gains a wife he never knew he had. A classic Shakespeare fiasco where romance goes hand in hand with comedy. Will delight audiences with romance, humour and the classic case of mistaken identity.

C (+3) venue 34 Adam House, Chambers Street, EH1 1HR
16-22 Aug at 12:15 (1hr00)
Tickets £7.50-£9.50 / concessions £5.50-£7.50 / children £3.50-£5.50
Suitable for all ages